3 Ways to Encourage Learning during Summer Vacation

Once the kids are out of school, finding things to entertain and challenge them is challenging at the best of times. Trying to incorporate interesting learning experiences for your children can prove extremely difficult no matter how creative a parent you are. Whether your children are in elementary school or high school, you may find yourself concerned about their ability to retain the information they’ve been given throughout the school year enough to move forward when September rolls around. For most parents, this is easily discouraged with a gentle, education based outline for your summer activities.

Encourage Reading and Writing

By taking your children to the library once a week, you are offering your kids opportunities to keep their skills fresh in their minds. Many public libraries even have programs just for kids. Also consider finding your child a special journal to record thoughts, events and even reading or dream journals. Keeping up with these simple tasks is a great way to encourage your child to practice their writing skills throughout the summer.

Take Trips

It doesn’t have to be a faraway trip to be educational. Spend time with your kids on a tour of your own town. Find interesting or relevant museums and historical tours that will specifically interest the members of your family. Have your children write a thank you note to your tour guide, or a special card talking about what they learned on your outings, and always invite your child to ask questions and learn more. When you show an interest in local history, you support your community and encourage your children to do the same.

Embrace Play

For many kids, play is a valid part of learning in a day. When children are engaged in enjoyable activities, they tend to learn better than when they are holed up in a stuffy learning environment. Consider taking up a sport or a hobby that you and your family can engage in together, like fishing or water skiing. A boat is an incredible way to enjoy your area in ways you’ve never seen it before.

In any aspect of education, it is always best to lead your children by example. Read or do other activities together which are designed to keep your mind fresh. Puzzles and logical games are a great way to bond with your child while freshening your own skills.

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