What Books should you Get Your Children this Christmas?

For some people, this is extremely early to be thinking about Christmas presents, while for others this is extremely late. But whenever you do your shopping for your children’s gifts, it is important that you include books in your list, even if it is something they would never ask for. They are a fundamental part of every child’s education and they should be encouraged to read them at every opportunity.

Be that as it may, choosing the right books is something many parents struggle with. Don’t worry though, here are 5 types of books you should consider for this Christmas and an example of each that is available now.

Cheap Books

You don’t want to spend lots of money on books, especially if your child is really quite young and won’t appreciate a more expensive tome. The best thing to do to find cheap books is either to go to your local charity shop or to shop online. Websites tend to have much lower overheads than high street books shops so they can sell their titles much cheaper and online classified directories can help you find some super cheap deals on very popular books if you grab them before someone else does.

  • In the Night Garden – Set of 6 Board Books – £2.62 from eBay

Cool Books

If your child is a bit older then they may want to have the books all their friends have or indeed books about the most popular characters around. While you don’t just want to buy books because they have a famous face on the cover, they will make your child extra happy and will probably make them more likely to read them so they can talk about them with their friends.

  • Harry Potter – Entire Series – £34 from Amazon

Digital Books

You may find that the easiest way to get your child to read is to give one to them in digital form. Tablet PCs and eReaders are steadily growing in popularity, not least among children and teenagers and while it may feel a bit strange giving them some data for Christmas which you won’t really be able to wrap up and put under the tree, at least they will read it.

  • Twilight – Stephenie Meyer – £4.99 from eBooks.com

Activity Books

If your child likes to be able to interact physically with books then you have to try and get them an activity book. These tend to mix story with games and other activities with an educational spin. Who are you to stand in the way of them getting yet more education and having fun at the same time?

Voyage to the Planets 3D Space Adventures – with 3D Glasses – £9.89 from Waterstones

Don’t miss out this Christmas on a chance to give your child something that they will enjoy while also educating them at the same time.

Do you have any book recommendations?

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